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My names Megan and I am 19 years young. I currently attend the University of Tampa. I'm very friendly, so feel free to talk to me :)




I came out as a queer during football practice when my coach was like “son, you’re having trouble throwing straight” and I replied “I’m also having trouble being straight”. It got very quiet and then coach just shook his head and said “throw the damn ball, Cooper”

i have been laughing for 3 million years


If I introduce a movie to you, and we watch it together, I’ll be spending at least 99.9% of the time watching you to make sure you are responding correctly to the film.


one time i explained post limit to my mom and she says

“is that why you get off the computer sometimes” 


if you’re ever proud of me and say ‘that’s my girl’ I can guarantee my heart will melt into a little puddle of happiness 

me: I'm going to bed early tonight.
me: is that the sun

Please be one that comes near me


Please be one that comes near me

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